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11 January, 2016
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Surely the world's most travelled puffin!!  To see where Peter Puffin's latest adventures have taken him, click on the 'Peter Puffin' tab above or by clicking here

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Peter Puffin 2009

Peter\'s Adventures in 2009 have taken him all over the world. Enjoy!

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Lucy Squire and Liz Purcell

Cinque Terra, Italy Georgie Walker

Ghengis Puffin in Mongolia, Bob and Linda Allen

Goreme, Turkey Lucy Squire and Liz Purcell

Heriopolis, Turkey. Lucy Squire and Liz Purcell


Indonesia Andrew King

Indonesia Andrew King

James and Peter walking out of Rehab 17 June 09

James McGeoch Jnr and Peter

Josh Clift and Peter on a walking machine in Atlanta, USA

Monte Carlo Casino. Georgie Walker

NYC. Kath Fitzgerald

Peter at Troy, Turkey. Lucy Squire and Liz Purcell

Peter and Chinggis Khan in Ulaanbaatar. Bob and Linda Allen

Peter golfing in Devon. James McGeoch

Peter in Beijing. Malcom and Karina Smith

Peter on the golf course. Anthony Ross

Peter on the Great Wall of China. Bob and Linda Allen

PETER Puffin with PETER Tchaikovsky in St. PETERsburg. Bob and Linda Allen

Peter riding Trans Siberian Railway. Bob and Linda Allen

Peter's Ger Accommodation on the Mongolian Steppes. Bob and Linda Allen

Peter visits St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow. Bob and Linda Allen

Portofino, Italy. Georgie Walker

The Crandord Inn, UK, have just started brewing their own new ale Puffin ale J

Camel cruising in Mongolia. Linda & Bob Allen July09

Close-Brooks boys, their Dad & Rob Shakespeare

Skiing New Zealand. July09

Portillo, Chile. David Butler July09

Snorkeling in Vanuatu. Edwina Mesley Aug09

Coffee and dessert at Harrods. Bronwyn Beattie Sept09

Sun baking with the locals. Iguanas on the Galapagos Islands. Penny Griffith July09

R & R with the lads. Galapagos Island sea lions. Penny Griffith July09

Slow and steady. Giant Tortoise, Galapagos Islands. Penny Griffith July09

London high tech communication system. Bronwyn Beattie Sept09

Celebratory dinner at the completion of the 2,200km Puffin Paddle

Peter and Panda. Adelaide, Australia. Judy Smith Dec09

Peter and Patrick in the Rockies. Patrick Wheaton Jul09

Australian Golf Club, Golf Day, Sydney. Oct09

Martin Gribble training for the Puffin Paddle, Sydney Harbour. Oct09

Two pyramids are better than one. Egypt. Hilary Allen Dec09

Eye to eye with Amun-Ra. Egypt. Hilary Allen Dec09

Turquoise Coast, Turkey. Marliesha Batrop Sept09

Main Square, Sienna, Italy. Hilary Allen Aug09

When in Egypt do as the Egyptians. Hilary Allen Dec09

Surviving the outback. Mundadoo, Australia. Louella & Gary Steele July09

Peter and Pyramid. Egypt. Hilary Allen Dec09

A Maori kiss in Egypt. Hilary Allen Dec09

Running Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland. Richard Hughes, Oliver Greenslade, Henri Hottinger & Thora Helgadottier Aug09

Sunbathing in the Rockies. Patrick Wheaton July09

Sheep dog training, Mundadoo, Australia. Gary & Louella Steele July09

Breakfast in the US. Hilary Allen Aug09

Watching the cricket at Malmesbury Cricket Club, Dublin, Ireland. Robyn & Robin Storey Aug09

Peter in Miami. Christian Duffy

Peter at ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey. Andrew Olah Aug/Sept09

Lazy days for Peter on the Mediterranean with Joe Barry. Marliesha Bartrop Sept09

Peter on the tarmac at the Australian MotoGP. Hiona Te Karu Oct09

Peter getting friendly with his brethren at the Rugby Dinner held in London. Marliesha Bartrop Nov09

Peter arriving in Copenhagen for the Climate Summit. Gilbert and Rhoda Mak Dec09

Peter and the magnificent view from Kourion, Cyprus. Judy Smith Oct09

Peter showing his cultural bent at the Cyprus College of Art, Cyprus. Judy Smith Oct09

Peter, Judy Smith and the lion greeting party in Famagusta, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Oct09

Peter with the lace makers of Lefkara, Cyprus. Judy Smith Oct09

City to Surf Boys. Penny Gribble Aug09

City to Surf Girls. Penny Gribble Aug09

Peter smoking shisha in Damascus, Syria. Paul Williams Dec09

Martin Gribble on the Puffin Paddle, Murray River, Australia. Nov09

Langkawi Eagle, Malaysia. Jackie and Robert Bradshaw Aug09

Peter flying high with the Parthenon on the Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Judy Smith Nov09

Peter admiring the Erechtheion and those amazing Caryatids, the Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Judy Smith Nov09

Kokoda girls celebrating making it half way. Penny Gribble Sept09

Peter admiring mosque architecture in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Henry Andrews Nov09

Peter feeling all warm and fuzzy inside an ice igloo in Finland. Gilbert and Rhoda Mak Dec09

With world famous naked cowboy in NY. Nicole Alexander Nov/Dec09

Peter on a husky sled in Finland. Gilbert and Rhoda Mak Nov09

Peter outside Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark. Rhoda & Gilbert Mak Nov09

Martin and James before the Puffin Paddle. Dee Gribble Oct09

Peter admiring culinary specialties, Langkawi, Malaysia. Jackie & Robert Bradshaw Aug09

Peter boarding flight heading for Kokoda. Penny Gribble Sept09

Jackie Bradshaw escorting Peter to his first cocktail at Bon Ton Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia. Jackie & Robert Bradshaw Aug09

Peter and his first encounter with a baby crocodile. Andy Cropp Nov09

Peter at the completion of the City to Surf. Penny Gribble Aug09

Beaver Dam, Algonquin, Canada. Simon Atkinson Sept09

Peter in front of the Treasury Building, Petra, Jordon. Paul Williams Dec09

Peters first encounter with a reindeer, Lapland. Gilbert & Rhoda Mak Nov09

Peter on the Great Wall of China. Hilary Allen Jul09

Peter with his brethren outside the Museum of Hong Kong. Denise Salvestro & Neil Lanceley June2009

Peter and the Hong Kong skyline. Denise Salvestro & Neil Lanceley Jun2009

Peter in Vanuatu. Oct09 Bob & Linda Allen.

Peter's first experience with the Pope. Jane Garling Oct09

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