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11 January, 2016
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Peter Puffin 2015

Slowly but surely.

Susie & I made it. 13km trek through the Samaria Gorge, Crete. Judy, Sept. 2015.

With Susie staying calm. Samaria Gorge walk, Crete. Judy, Sept. 2015.

Rest stop on our Samaria Gorge walk with Susie & Vassilios, Crete. Judy Sept. 2015.

Pristine water in Samaria Gorge, Crete. Judy Sept. 2015.

Travel safely rock piles Samaria Gorge, Crete. Judy Sept. 2015

Oh to be so flexible. Heraklion, Crete. Judy Sept. 2015.

Just push a bit harder. We're nearly at the top. Heraklion, Crete. Judy Sept. 2015.

View to the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes. Judy Sept. 2015.

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St John - phew. Rhodes. Judy Sept. 2015.

At ancient Kamiros on Rhodes. Location, location, location. Judy Sept. 2015

Sneak preview. Valley of the Butterflies. Rhodes, Greece. Judy Sept. 2015.

Fish out of water. Rhodes Archaeological Museum. Judy Sept. 2015.

Just horsing around. Rhodes Archaeological Museum. Judy Sept. 2015

On the Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes. Judy Sept. 2015.

The GRAND PALACE, Rhodes old town. Not bad digs. Judy Sept. 2015

Just a few catapults. Rhodes old town. Judy Sept. 2015.

View to the port - Rhodes old town. Judy Sept. 2015

Nature at its best. Near Agia Napa, Cyprus. Judy Sept. 2015

That is a SALT LAKE behind me, not a mirage!! Larnaca, Cyprus. Judy Sept. 2015

I was exhausted. Stuttgart. Susan Davies 2015.

About as close as they'll let me. Porsche, Stuttgart. Susan Davies 2015.

I wanted to check out the engine !!! Stuttgart. Susan Davies 2015.

Maybe a bit too much Vodka !!! Berlin. Susan Davies 2015.

Just at eye level - perfect. Berlin. Susan Davies 2015.

Everyone looks the same !!! Farne, UK Jane & Martin Cowley, July 2015.

Um. This way or that way. Farne, UK. Jane & Martin Cowley, July 2015

I'm shy. Farne, UK. Martin & Jane Cowley. July 2015

Upholding the law in Canada. Dee & Rog July 2015

Peter visiting the Canadian Mint. Dee & Rog, July 2015.

Money, money, money. Yes, it's real. D&R Canada July 2015.

Peter amongst the flowers - literally. Edmundston, Canada. Dee & Rog, July 2015.

Peter on a Jan Luc sculpture, Edmunston Canada. D&R July 2015

Ride 'im cowboy. Edmundston Canada, Dee & Rog July 2015

Careful everyone. Nova Scotia. D&R July 2015.

Where ? Nova Scotia. Dee & Rog July 2015.

Hop aboard everyone. Nova Scotia. D&R July 2015.

Yes, there is a Sydney in Nova Scotia!!! D&R July 2015

George B knows when to call in an expert. Kennybunkport, Maine. Dee & Rog Jul2015.

You never know where you'll find a golf course. Calais, Maine. Dee & Rog Jul2015.

Magnificent Butchardt Gardens, Vancover Island. Tup & Rob July 2015.

Dangerous wildlife!!! Salmon Arms, Canada. July 2015.

Peter & Tup at Athabaska Glacier, Icefield Park, Cananda June 2015

7th HEAVEN - really. Peter & Robert at Whistler. June 2015

Peter Puffin & Tup with a few pointers for the tourists. Canada June 2015.

Dinosaur Museum, Hughenden Qld. Peter, Rog, Dee, Jackie & Rob. Apr 2015

Dee & Peter 500 kms from the next nearest town North.Terr. April2015

Peter and Jackie Remote Nthn Terr. Apr 2015

Outback Australia NT Jackie Apr2015

Historic Daly Waters Pub Nthn Terr. Jackie Apr15

Loading truck in Katherine on the 4,700km road trip to Baniyala. Rob & Rog NT Apr2015

Outback Roadtrain Nthn Terr. Jackie Apr 2015

Remote Australia Jackie Apr2015

Peter investigating an anthill on Katherine Hwy, Nthn Terr. Jackie Apr2015

Artistry in more than one form!!! Hoel School Holland. John & Julianna Jan 2015.

Fish for dinner!!! Den Haag Hohen Hotelfachschule (Hotel School), Holland John & Julianna Jan 2015.

Just loving it at Langenwang im Allgau, Germany. John & Julianna 2015.

Escape to perfection. Beautiful Langenwang im Allgau, Germany. J&J

The feet have it. Sylt Island, Nth Sea off the coast of Germany. Julianna & John 2015.

Pete & Pen in Antarctica 2015.

The best New Year present ever - Antarctica with Pen 2015.

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