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11 January, 2016
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Peter Puffin 2013

The journey just keeps on going!!!

Banking Lord Howe Island style. Nov2013 Bradshaws

Feathered friends. Lord Howe Island. Nov 2103. Bradshaws

Not your everyday passenger on Sth American trains!! Nov2013

Yes, the luxury I'd like to become accustomed to. Sth America, Nov2013

How to make a Panama hat. Sth America Nov2013

If it fits .... Sth America Nov2013.

The perfect colour. Sth America Nov2013

Stunning - sets off my eyes. Sth America Nov2013

Everyone on their own pedastal. Sth America Nov2013

It's a standoff - Galapagos Islands. Nov2013

Roger & I checking out the mail that doesn't need a stamp!!! Galapagos Islands, Nov2013.

I love the colour. Lake Titicaca, Sth America Nov2013

With a new friend - Lake Titicaca. Sth America Nov2013

Exhausting but worth every second. Machu Picchu. Nov2013

With my lovely guide. Machu Picchu. Nov2013

This looks slightly painful. Sth America Nov2013.

Not to be tried by children at home!!! Sth America Nov2013

You actually can't balance - believe me. Ecuador Nov2013.

Oh to be by the seaside. Galapagos Islands. Nov2013

We're both exhausted. Galapagos Islands. Nov2013

Umm, probably worth a closer inspection - the Acropolis, Athens. Oct2013

Peters birdseye view of the Caryatids. Acropolis, Athens. Oct2013

The Parthenon all to myself. Athens, Greece. Oct2013.

At the Tower of the Winds monument (Acropolis behind), Athens. Oct2013.

Up close & personnel with a Cycladic statue. Athens. Oct2013

How many Puffins get to go INSIDE the Parthenon??? Athens, Oct2013.

Closeup with a Parthenon frieze. Athens, Oct2013

Modestly attired for our visit to the Poros Monastery. Greece. Sept2013.

... and what exactly does this mean? Ydra, Greece. Sept2013

... it means playing with clay - yeh!!! Ydra, Greece. Sept2013

Peter at Roman Tomb near Troizen, Greece. Sept2013

View from the Sanctuary of Poseidon, Poros, Greece. Sept2013

Peter at Royal Mycenaean tomb at Magoula, Greece. Sept2013

Judy & Peter nearly at the Acropolis of Troizen, Greece. Sept2013

Pete & Penny at the start of the COLOUR Run. Aug2013 Penny Gribble

Psyching up before the start. Aug2013 Penny Gribble

The crowds are gathering for the COLOR RUN. Aug2013 Penny Gribble

Just a bit of colour in ones life. Aug2013 Penny Gribble

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Jun2013 B& L Allen

Peace & quite in Taksim Sq, Istanbul after the riots. Jun2013 L&B Allen

At Pammukale, Turkey. Jun2013 L&B Allen

SO STUNNING. Pammukale, Turkey. Jun2013 B&L Allen

The amazing columns of Ephesus, Turkey. jun2013 L&B Allen

A close inspection of one of the stunning carvings, Library of Celcius, Ephesus, Turkey. Jun2013 B&L Allen

With the goddess Nike at Ephesus, Turkey. Jun2013 Linda & Bob Allen

Admiring the architecture at Ephesus, Turkey. Jun2013 Bob & Linda Allen

Having conquered Mt Toubkal, Atlas Mountains, Morocco. May2013 Penny Griffiths

Helping out in the classroom. Baniyala NT. May 2013

An extra helper. Baniyala School, NT. May 2013

Teamwork in the classroom. Baniyala School, East Arnhem Land, NT. May 2013

Robert and Peter at Japanese Temple. Mar.2013

Temple of Heracles, Amman, Jordan 5Jan2013, Judy Smith

Roman theatre & new pedestrian plaza Amman, Jordan. 5Jan2013

Sea level heading to the Jordan Valley. 6Jan2013

At Taqabat Fahl (Pella) archaeological site. Jordan. 9Jan2013.

Ajlun Castle 1184-1188AD, Jordan - yes, snow capped mtns. 11Jan2013.

Desparate for some hot tea. Ajlun Castle, Jordan. 11thJan2013

Remains of Byzantine Church, Pella, Jordan. 14Jan2013

The incredible black basalt of Umm Qais, Jordan. 15Jan2013

Seating in the ruins of the Roman theatre at Umm Qais, Jordan 15Jan2013.

At Mt Nebo from where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land. Jordan. 18Jan2013. Judy Smith

The beginning of an intricate mosaic. Near Madaba, Jordan. 18Jan2013. Judy Smith

Helping out on the dig. Pella, Jordon 21Jan2103.

Not just any old holes - 3000yr old holes. Pella dig. Jordan 21Jan2013.

Petra By Night. 1000's of candles in front of The Treasury. Jordan 24Jan2013.

The Treasury by day. Petra, Jordan. 25Jan2013

The Monastery, Petra, Jordan. 25Jan2013

Close inspection of the amazing Monastery. Petra, Jordan 25Jan2013.

Wadi Rum, near Rainbow Camp, Jordan. 26Jan2013.

Burdah Rock, Wadi Rum, Jordan. 26Jan2013.

Inspecting rock drawings, Wadi Rum, Jordan. 26Jan2013.

Atop the 2nd largest sand dune in Wadi Rum, Jordan. 26Jan2013.

Animal mates at The Treasury, Petra. Jordan 27Jan2013

It's a long way to the bottom. Obelisk Tomb in background. Petra, Jordan. 27Jan2013.

Altar on the High Place of Sacrifice, Petra. Jordan 27Jan2013.

Umm al-Jimal (Mother of Camels) 1BC solid black basalt stairway. Jordan 1Feb2013.

Umm al-Jimal black basalt constructions from 1BC onwards. Jordan 1Feb2013.

Umm al-Jimal - Byzantine cross maybe. Jordan 1Feb2013.

With Wa'el - but where to next? Jordan. 2Feb2013.

Qusayr Amra desert castle frescos c. AD711 Unesco World Heritage site. Jordan 2Feb2013.

Time for a cup of tea bedouin style. Jordan 2Feb2013.

On the walls of Karak Castle (AD1142) looking to the Dead Sea. Jordan 3Feb2013.

Looking down to the Dead Sea near the' pillar' of Lots wife. Jordan 3Feb2013.

Weaving at the Irqa al-Amir handicraft centre. Jordan 5Feb2013.

Qasr al-Abad (Palace of the Slave) c. 187BC lion sculpture. Jordan 5Feb2013.

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