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11 January, 2016
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Surely the world's most travelled puffin!!  To see where Peter Puffin's latest adventures have taken him, click on the 'Peter Puffin' tab above or by clicking here

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Peter Puffin 1st Qtr 2011

Follow the most travelled puffin in the world - Peter Puffin\\\'s 2011 journeys. Send your photos to us at info@puffinmagic.org.au

Peter searching for megapode eggs, Rabaul, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Judy Smith 22Mar2011

Peter & Judy on the volcano ash that destroyed Rabaul (and all these palm trees). New Britain, Papua New Guinea. 22Mar2011

The easy way through the jungle and up the hill. Heading to a Telina village shrine. Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Justin Friend 20 Mar2011

Peter tempting fate above shark infested waters. Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Melissa Smith 20Mar2011

Peter with Melissa & Judy & some lovely girls from Ngella, Solomon Islands. Melissa Smith 19Mar2011

I think I'd look good in this shirt. Utupua, Solomon Islands. Judy Smith 16Mar2011

Party time on Utupua. Solomon Islands. Judy Smith 16Mar2011

Peter with more of his friends from Utupua. Solomon Islands. Judy Smith 16Mar2011

Peter with a few 'friendly' villagers on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Judy Smith 15Mar2011

Peter about to paddle his own canoe. Malakula, Vanuatu. Judy Smith 14Mar2011

Peter, Judy and village friends Vila, Vanuatu. Melissa Smith 13Mar2011

Peter in Stuttgart, Germany. Nicole Alexander

Peter in the Old Castle, Stuttgart, Germany. Nicole Alexander 2011

Richard Lampe about to put Peter to work on the property. Bobbiwaa, outback New South Wales. Jackie & Rob Bradshaw. Mar2011

Peter with John & Julienne Wismeier about to start work on Lue Station, (via Mudgee). Mar2011

Peter with John, Julienne & Ted before the real fun begins. Lue Station. Mar2011

Calming the flock before their hair cut. Lue Station (Mudgee). Jackie & Rob Bradshaw Mar2011

Peter helping to class wool at Lue Station, Mudgee. Jackie & Robert Bradshaw Mar2011

Peter near Narrabri, outback NSW with John & Julienne Wismeier. Feb 2011

Peter chekcing out the other wildlife. Outback NSW. Jackie & Robert Bradshaw Feb 2011

Pete about to start mingling. Antarctica. Martin Gribble Feb2011

Peter upclose and friendly. Antarctica. Martin Gribble. Feb2011

A birds eye view. Hunters Hill. 24Jan2011.

The more birds the merrier. Hunters Hill. 24Jan2011

Peter with Nicole Alexander at the Staples Centre. Lakers home court, LA, USA. Jan2011

Peter up close with a LA Lakers Championship Ring. Staples Centre. LA, USA. Nicole Alexander, Jan2011

Peter with LA Laker Shannon Brown. Nicole Alexander, Jan2011

First trip to Vacay, Italy. Hilary Allen


Peter & Martin safely on land, well ice. Antarctica Jan2011.

Peter with some mates in Antarctica. Martin Gribble. Jan2011

Mawson's Hut Antarctica. Martin Gribble Jan2011

Peter and Martin waiting for dinner. Shakleton's Hut, Antarctica. Jan2011

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