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11 January, 2016
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On October 2nd the Fiestas Kossar family will be running the Budapest marathon. Ignacio will be running the full 42.2km, while Lucia with the twin girls Carla & Aleca in the pushchair will attempt the mini-marathon (7km).

With the birth of the girls last September our lives have changed as we could have never imagined. The past year has been very difficult but also the most amazing year in our lives. Despite the sleepless nights and 'double trouble' challenges we kept thinking about what we could do to show some appreciation for James' achievements and energy in his recovery process. And hopefully, raise a bit of money.

Ignacio has always wanted to run a marathon and felt that this was the moment to go for it. The female part of the family wanted to join in but we also had to remain realistic and take care of the girls - that's why the mini-marathon. All in all, seeing James in London in the summer gave us all that bit of extra energy we needed to go for it.

Training has been hard, including a few injuries and a few toenails lost in the way (can someone offer a solution for that???), but we remain confident that we will reach our goals. Budapest, here we come!!! Thank you in advance for all your support.


Almost 3 years ago, a good friend of ours from London James Gribble (many of you know him well) left his job and decided to go travelling around the world for a year. Just as his journey in Africa (Zambia) began, on a hot day while waiting to go fishing, James fainted whilst sitting on a stool, falling backward onto hard sand. The result of this fall was catastrophic as he severely bruised his spinal cord and broke his C4 and C5 vertebrae. James became a quadriplegic.
Doctors say the first year is the most important for recovery, and that after the first year it is very difficult to improve. However, James  continues to work very hard in physiotherapy and is an extraordinary example of how one can achieve even the impossible. In addition, James' incredible energy and positive attitude is a source of inspiration for everyone around him.

However, treatments and equipment that James needs are very expensive. Therefore, James' friends have created the Puffin Magic Foundation (www.puffinmagic.org.au), a foundation to harness the personal efforts and financial contributions of everyone who seeks to support James so that he can obtain the maximum support for his recovery process.

Our goal is to raise at least € 6,000 for James, so any contribution you can make is essential and most welcome!

To make a donation, the process is very simple:
* Click on "Donate Now"
* All fields are required. It is especially important that in the "Contribution Type" field you select " Fiestas Kossar's Budapest Marathon" so we can monitor the total value of your donations and know when we reached € 6,000.
* On the next page you must select the method of payment - PAYPAL with a Credit Card is a secure method of donating.
Thank you very much for your support!!!
Ignacio, Lucia, Carla & Aleca



Puffin Magic Long Lunch 'The Italian Job' at Bar Machiavelli. Saturday, 7 October 2017, 12 - 4:30 PM, Places strictly limited. Book your tickets now!

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