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11 January, 2016
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James' Recovery 2010

James' continuing recovery.

The biggest fish I caught all year. Broulee 31Dec2010.

Family fishing - me, Pen & Rog. 31Dec2010 Broulee.

Christmas Day lunch, Broulee.

James, Al, Sarah and I out for a pre Christmas drink. 17Dec2010

Las Vegas 30th birthday party. 11Dec2010.

How to cool down pre crutch walking. Dec2010.

Wheeled onto the Therastride to be hung in the harness. Notice the mirror so that I can keep my head up & watch my movements. Coorabel Nov2010

Loaded into the harness to assist with body weight on the Therastride treadmill. Coorabel, Nov2010.

About to start striding out on the Therastride. Coorabel 2010

Part of the workout with Doug at his gym - shoulder stabilisation the aim. Nov2010

The family with Grandma Cle on her 90th birthday. Oct2010

Sarah & I with Grandma Cle on her 90th birthday - amazing. Oct2010

Grandma Cle and I drawing the winners of the Puffin Raffle. 16Oct2010

Tindal and I trying out the treadmill. London, UK Sept2010.

Wth my aunt and uncle, Michael & Julia; and cousin Victoria. Stanmore. UK Sept2010.

With my old Kaupthing colleagues in Mayfair. London, UK Sept2010.

Shak & I after a couple of years apart. London, UK. Sept2010.

With my godson James junior at the pub. London, UK Sept2010.

Sarah, Ed and I. London, UK Sept2010.

Dinner at Shak & Henri's house. London, UK Sept2010.

Last supper with my 'besties'. London, Sept2010.

Cheeky catchup with Nicnak. London. Sept2010.

Strapping my ankle with little Sophie Brierley overlooking. London. Sept2010.

Catching up with Al and Needers in London. Sept2010.

Berkshire - golf with the boys. Uk October 2010.

Using granny's inclinator. Norfolk, UK. Sept2010.

Lunch with the Brierleys. London Sept2010.

Having a cheeky sherry with Sarah's grandmother and mum. Norfolk UK. Sept2010.

Practising walking poolside with Sarah. France 2010.

Thumbs up. France Sept2010.

How lucky am I? Rupert and Sam's wedding France Sept2010.

Brett, Adam, Sarah and I. Rupert & Sam's wedding France. Sept2010

Cheeky dancefloor time. Rupert & Sam's wedding France. Sept2010

Entering the marquee with the groomsmen. Rupert & Sam's wedding France Sept2010

Enjoying lunch in London with Sarah's mum. Sept 2010

Practising my standing in the hotel London. Sept2010.

Flight to the UK with Pen & one of the airhostess'. Sept2010

Stretching my legs in Singapore. Sept2010.

Hand exercises with my fantastic occupational therapist, Judy Ranka. Aug2010

Meeting Dougs (an old school friend and now personnel trainer) for another session at Sydney Univeristy. Jul2010

Working on shoulder stabilsers at Sydney Uni. Jul2010

Setting up the compex to work on my stomach muscles prior to starting the weekly blog. James & Judy. Jul2010

Cardio at its best. Sydney Uni. Jul2010

Harnessed in on the walking machine with mum watching over. Coorabel. Jul2010

Slightly unrthodox abdominal exercises in the pool with dad. Coorabel. Jul2010

Using paddles to assist in arm strenghtening. Coorabel. Jul2010

Successful transition into the front of the car with mum's assistance. Jul2010

Working on my abs on the Swiss ball. Home. Jul2010

How scary was this. Mt Wilga Jul2010

Stepping it up with Dougs at his North Shore gym. Jul2010

Applying a new ankle brace with Marteen (and Clare) pre treadmill session. Coorabel. Aug2010

Peter's first attempt at bathing my god son Max Hill. Aug2010

My god son Max Hill - how cute is he!!!. Home Aug2010

First crack on the Nu Step, my fresh seated cross trainer. Jul2010

Checking the new slick back hair style with Jags (Nicola Jagger) at the Young Garvan Institute Fund raiser. Aug2010

Standing frame and racquet strapped in for weekly hit of tennis. Mum making sure I don't stretch too far. Aug2010

A cosy room to ourselves at Roberts Restaurant, Hunter Valley. Aug2010

On the balcony with one of our daily visitors - a rainbow lorikeet. Jul2010

New jeans being tested for pressure sores as I set out for the first time on the court with the zimmer frame. I managed one lap. July2010

All concentration on my feet and legs trying to make them do what they are meant to do. July2010

First time on the tennis court in the standing frame. Racquet strapped in and ready to go. July2010

The tennis coaches. Mum, Tup and Rob. July2010

I just can't thank the Hawcrofts enough for letting me use their court. July2010

A new experience sitting on the couch with sister Penny. Dad the handy man at work, raising the couch to assist access.. July2010

New pilates experience with Mikela. 6 pack in progress. July2010

At home with Adrian practising kneeling balance. July2010

At home walking tall with my new leg brace which prevents hyper-extension of the knee. June2010)

Enjoying fresh mud crab from the Northern Territory thanks to Andy Buttfield. How good. June2010

Getting vertical with sister Penny. May2010.

Working on my upper body at Mt Wilga Rehab. May2010

Learning to walk again supported by harness over the treadmill. Mt Wilga Rehab. May2010

Roller derby girls post competition. May2010

Stretch my achilles. By the looks of it I need further work on my abs. May2010

With mum in the hydro therapy pool, Coorabel Feb2010

With my cousin Stephen and aunt Judy trying to keep some flexibility in my arms and hands. Easter 2010

I couldn't move and suddenly I was being attacked with a face mask. 2010

More tennis practise with raquet strapped in and eye on the ball. May2010

Succesful car transfer with Adrian. May2010

With Edu completing an FES (functional electronic stimulation) trial at Syd Univ. May2010

Alex and Kate Henderson's wedding at Palm Beach. Mar2010.

Everyone look to the right. Grandma Cle, Mum, Sarah and I. Broulee Mar2010.

One of the best views on the south coast. Broulee Mar2010.

First Broulee fishing expedition. Mar2010

Racquet strapped in whilst working on my backhand with James McGeoch & my aunty Tup. Mar2010

Hitting the dance floor with bridesmaids at Angus & Rebecca McGeogh's wedding. Mar2010.

Pregame drinks for Angus McGeogh's wedding. Mar2010.

All kitted out for a Caddyshake (spoof golf movie) themed 30th. Bondi Mar2010.

Max Hill's (my new godson) christening at my old school chapel with doting parents and godparents. Mar2010

The ultimate arm stretch. Feb2010.

With the adorable Sarah at Josh Clift's

Kiss The Frog Foundation fund raiser. Feb2010

Glorious two handed backstroke. Jan2010.

Trying my hand at freestyle. Jan2010

Stanidng in the saltwater at Broulee. Jan2010.

First aqua chair experience at south Broulee beach with Martin and Dad. Jan2010.

It shouldn't be so hard to cut your own birthday cake. Jan2010.

Undergoing a trim courtesy of mum Jan2010.

Evening at home with new godson Maxy and the proud parents, Adam and Sophia. Jan2010

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