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11 January, 2016
What were your highlights in 2015?   ...
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Part 3 of 4 Circus Ball March 2016 Sydney

Puffin Magic Circus Ball March 2016, Dockside Pavilion, Sydney.

Welcome everyone.

Our wonderful organiser.

Everyone in.

Marty and ...

Simon & Kate.

Cheers everyone.

Adam and summer.



Over here.

Just a bit of sparkle.

It works like a straw !!!

Come on guys.

The Ringmaster.

The perfect moustache (and jacket).

We can see better now.

Yes, it's true.

Wish you were here.

Brilliant earring.

Mr. Gribble.

You're kidding.

Bit of chat.


This is amazing.

Like twins.

That's classic.

James with some mates.

Chantra having a ball.

Beautiful in red.

Caricature in progress for a character !!!

Phantom of the Opera chandelier.

Grins all round.

Try it on.

What are you drinking ?

Great mates.

James on stage.

Standing ovation for you know who.

Grinners are winners.

Brilliant time for all.

Where are your hats?

It's a bit tricky to tie.

Smile everyone.

Golf talk ?

Incredible prizes.

Ok everyone pay attention now.

That's better. Let the auction begin.

Gatecrasher on stage.

My turn.

More than double trouble.

Sam drawing the raffle winners.

Take it away.



Mr. Lloyd.

It's us.

Huddle & cuddle.

We needed more room.

The guys are too shy.

Great figure.

Come on.

No, it's not Bill C.

Claim your prize. Trica, Susie & Tup.

Tup, Melissa and Rob with the sparkle of Sydney behind.

Party going on.

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