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11 January, 2016
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James' Recovery 2012

Three years on James is still focused on improvement.

High tech at Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

With Martin & Penny getting ready to head upstairs. Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

Takeoff. Slowly and steadily upwards. Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

A Christmas helper (also known as Grandma Cle). Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

Christmas day with Sarah, modelling a new hat. Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

Christmas lunch - dad, Sarah, me, Judy, Martin & mum. Broulee. Dec 2012

It was a marathon lunch !!!!! Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

About to get into some beach fishing - with mum & Sarah. Broulee. Dec2012 Judy

Checking out kayak sizes for my next adventure. 14Nov2012.

Getting ready for my first kayak trip. Drummoyne 1Dec 2012.

Carefully, carefully. 1Dec2012. Drummoyne.

Open water at last. This is just the beginning. 1Dec2012. Drummoyne

Party time. Jag's wedding. 24Nov2012

Everyone else off the dance floor please. 24Nov2012

Air guitar ??? Jag's wedding 24Nov2012

Reintroduction to golf - quite an improvisation tied on to a telegraph pole !!! 21Nvo2012 Weil Park.

Extremely tricky trying to hang out washing on crutches & virtually no finger movement !!!! 2Nov2012

Testing a slightly more sophisticated golfing option. 29Oct2012

No escape from the dentists chair. Thank goodness everything was okay. 28Aug2012

Crutch walking into Grandma Cle's for the 1st time. Hunters Hill 22Aug2012. Judy

To & from appointments with the bioness - electric impulses to move my fingers. 8thAug2012

Work out with Matt -different exercise to usual to protect sore neck/shoulder. 8thAug2012

With Matt making sure we work on both sides equally. 8Aug2012.

Crutching walking with Orla career & Clare physio - the tall & the short !!! 2Aug2012

Exercise in the sun with Orla & Clare. Kissing Pt. 2Aug2012.

Heaven. My new chair. Serious bliss. June 2012.

Shouldn't every chiro session be like this. Humpy at work. June 2012.

Orla (carer) & Clare (physio) helping me out of the car for one of my crutch walking sessions. 25June2012.

At the Hawcrofts court all focus on my forehand. Hunters Hill 18th June 2012.

As the hand strap can't hold the racquet in place all the time, there are frequent stoppages to correct. Hawcrofts, Hunters Hill 18th June 2012.

Very good for stretching - so long as I can actually reach the ball. Hawcrofts, Hunters Hill 18th June 2012.

Definitely not the perfect grip but not a bad back swing. HHill 18th June 2012.

James and Sarah - beautiful Tasmania. 21st May 2012.

Sarah & James. Tasmania 22nd May 2012.

Wine tasting in Tasmania. 22nd May 2012

Party time. Sydney, 13th April 2012.

The results of a form of Chinese medicine - cupping !!! April 2012

Testing a chair that I might be able to use at home. April 2012

I could get used to this. April 2012

I'm sold. Sydney, April 2012

Conquering inclines. It might look easy to you guys but even if I say so myself, an amazing success. Drummoyne April 2012

Success with Adrian. A long way to the top. Drummoyne April 2012

My 7th heaven. Little Manly 2012

Backstroke (with hand paddles). Little Manly 2012

Just so fantastic to be in the water. Little Manly 2012

Shak & I. Not only winners on the pokies but with the meat raffle as well !!! Drummoyne 2012

She is so cute. Broulee 2012

Stretching with Adrian my physio after a 'challenging' crutch walking session. 9 April 2012. Judy

Adrain my physio helping with stretching after a hard crutch walking session. 9 April 2012. Judy

Another stretching exercise. 9 April 2012. Judy

Tup & Jono trying to put my hand paddles on. Little Manly, April 2012. Judy

Tup & Jono still trying to put my hand paddles on. Little Manly April 2012. Judy

Success. Hand paddles on. Little Manly April 2012. Judy

Trying to scrunch up - but not quite there yet. Little Manly April 2012. Judy

Jono & I catching a bit of sun. Little Manly April 2012. Judy

Standing practise. Strapped in & wedges under foot. 27Mar2012 Judy Smith

Standing frame time. Wedges under my feet & strapped in. 27Mar2012 Judy Smith

James working out at Dug's gym. 27Mar2012 Judy Smith

Stretching James' hands & wrists whilst on a trip in the car. 28Feb2012 Judy Smith

Close up of James' purpose built hand stretcher. No time off even on car trips!!! 28Feb2012 Judy Smith

Bring on 2012. Health and happiness everyone.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Drummoyne 1st January 2012

Let the new year begin. Drummoyne 1st Jan 2012.

It's so exciting. We're nearly sister in laws!!!!! 1st Jan2012, Drummoyne.

I couldn't find the barman!!!! 1st January 2012, Drummoyne.

Is it 2012 already??? New Years Day, Drummoyne 1Jan2012

Keep on rocking. New Years Day 1st January 2012, Drummoyne.

and who's the lucky boy? 1st Jan 2012, Drummoyne.

Celebrating my engagement & the New Year. 1st Jan 2012, Drummoyne.

Just testing. New Years Day, 1st January 2012, Drummoyne.

Celebrating the New Year & the engagement. 1 Jan 2012, Drummoyne.

New Years Eve/Day party at Drummoyne. 1st January 2012.

Sarah and I. Here's to a wonderful 2012.

Twist and ......... New Years Day, 1st January 2012, Drummoyne.

... and who said I couldn't sing? 1st January 2012, Drummoyne.

Is it the New Year yet? 1 Jan 2012 Drummoyne.

We're trying to help resucitate!!!! 1st January 2012, Drummoyne.

Party tricks - guess who. 1st Jan 2012, Drummoyne

I think I'm the right way up now. 1st Jan 2012, Drummoyne.

It's all part of the recovery!!! New Years Day, some ungodly hour. Drummoyne 1st Janaury 2012.

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