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11 January, 2016
What were your highlights in 2015?   ...
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James' Recovery '08-'09

Follow James on his journey of recovery so far.

Peter and James under the watchful eye of nurse Pinky and Dr Snyckers, Head Doctor of the Spinal Unit at the Mill Park Hospital in Johannesburg, Nov 2008.

James with Peter, Rob Shakespeare and James Needham visiting from the UK in Mill Park Hospital, Nov 2008.

James and the kind lady from Etihad flying home to Sydney from Johannesburg via Abu Dhabi, December 2008.

About to enjoy Etihad's inflight entertainment, December 2008.

On the Motormed in the rehabilitation gym at Moorong with Roger Gribble- father, motivator and Team Gribble MD, January 2009.

Donna and Roger oversee James on the tilt table attempting squats, March 2009.

Marsha and Amanda with James doing seating balancing exercises, March 2009.

James being strapped into a walking machine harness by Amanda, March, 2009.

Megan helping James into the hydrotherapy pool at Moorong, March 2009.

James and Roger Gribble, Royal North Shore, December 2008.

James attempting a forehand playing Wii tennis, Feb 09

James with Josh Clift, Wii doubles partner and pillar of support for James at Moorong, Feb 09.

James in the gym at Moorong, March 09.

Hydro with Mel (my physio) and Dad working on walking - June 09

Walking, heavily assisted, out of Moorong as he said he would - July 09

In the hydrotherapy pool at Moorong in the capable hands of Miriam, January 2009.

James in the gym doing ‘lat pull-downs’ with hand straps to assist with grip, May 09.

James basking in the sun at Balmoral Baths - June 09

Attempting to make a sandwich at Moorong - July 09

Maiden voyage in the new lift at home with Peter the Puffin - Aug 09

James having a ‘cuppa’.

Sarah and James, McMahon’s Point, May 09.

Walking in frame with Martin, Dad and ever present, Peter - Aug 09

More standing with the family - Aug 09

Fishing with brother Martin at Kissing Point Wharf - June 09

Boxing and stretching with Lloyd - Aug 09

James with Lloyd O'Donnell who has been giving weekly massage therapy, April 2009.

Cheeky night out in the city - Aug 09

James at a friend's wedding recently with Peter (as always attracting the ladies), Edwina King and Nicola Parsonage, April 09.

Last night at Moorong with nurses, Gerard and Amanda - July 09

Working on hip adduction and abduction in slings with physio, Clare and Dad - Sept 09

Practising shaving for the first time - Sept 09

Trying out some electrical stimulation exercise biking with Nasi - Sept 09

James with his parents Roger and Dee before the wedding, April 09.

Last dinner at Moorong with Grandma Cle and Auntie Tuppy - July 09

Good friend's wedding with Lou, Brad, Dad, Will and Nicola - Sept 09

Being taught a lesson in chinese checkers by Sarah - Sept 09

Sydney Uni attempting to ride the Berkel bike with researchers, Che and Ilhun - Sept 09

Mastering his seating balance on the plinth at home - Oct 09

Out with Sarah and Peter at Golf Dinner - Oct 09

Sharing the spotlight with Master of ceremonies, Chris Brown, at Golf Dinner - Oct 09

Team photo with old school's first and second's basketball team after presenting their singlets - Oct 09

First time boxing with Martin in the standing frame - Oct 09

First night away from home with Sarah in Bluehaven - Oct 09

First walk unassisted in frame with Auntie Tuppy by side - Oct 09

Poxy green puffin pants having their first ride in puffin van - Oct 09

Found friend's tennis court super for walking and tennis - Nov 09

Trying it out again with old UK friend, Croppy - Nov 09

Raquet strapped in - working on forehand - Nov 09

Relearning throwing techniques however still struggling with accuracy Nov 09

Drinks outside Opera House post ballet with Lloyd, Croppy, Brad, Nicola and Andrea - Nov 09

Paella time courtesy of Croppy with Mum, Penny and Andrea - Nov 09

Dinner with protective head gear with English mates, Cappy and Clare - Dec 09

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