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11 January, 2016
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James' Recovery 2011

Work and play are all part of the recovery.

The beginning of our engagement party/New Year celebrations. Drummoyne 31Dec2011

Just warming up to bring in the New Year. 31st Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

Getting ready to bring in the New Year. 31st December 2011, Drummoyne.

We're just warming up for the double celebration. 31 Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

Festivities begin. 31st Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

Celebrating the engagement & the New Year. 31 Dec 2011 Drummoyne.

James & Sarah at their Engagement come New Years Eve Party. Drummoyne 31 Dec 2011

The beginning of New Years Eve 31Dec2011 Drummoyne.

New Years Eve party Drummoyne 31st December 2011.

Party time. New Years Eve 31st December 2011, Drummoyne.

New Years Eve 31st December 2011, Drummoyne.

A few of the boys getting into the engagement / NYrs Eve celebrations. 31st Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

James & Sarah New Years Eve 31st Dec 2011 Drummoyne.

Celebrate. New Years Eve 31st Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

Party time. New Years Eve 31st December 2011. Drummoyne

The hats have it. New Years Eve 31st December 2011, Drummoyne.

Dance the night away. New Years Eve 31st Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

Some of the boys. New Years Eve Drummoyne 31st Dec2011.

Anyone for a drink? New Years Eve 31st December 2011, Drummoyne.

Midnight fireworks. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. 31st December 2011, Drummoyne.

Threes trouble. Sarah celebrating our engagment and the New Year. 31 Dec 2011, Drummoyne.

As 2011 ends and 2012 begins. Happy New Year everyone.

WIth Tup (and the family) for Christmas lunch, Ferry St. 25Dec2011 Judy

Getting some practise in for later activities (Grandma Cle's walking stick). Christmas Day. 25Dec2011 Judy

Just a bit more practise needed. Christmas Day, Ferry Street. 25Dec2011 Judy

With Grandma Cle on Christmas Day, Ferry St. 25Dec2011 Judy

With Pen on Christmas Day, Ferry St. 25Dec2011 Judy

The mandatory after lunch Christmas snooze, Ferry St. 25Dec2011

Let the activities begin - so long as you bought your own walking stick! Ferry St. 25Dec2011

Grandma Cle (back from a friends 100th birthday!!!) about to show us how it's done. Christmas afternoon. 25Dec2011 Judy

The demise of my reindeer pinata. A highly recommended Christmas activity though. 25Dec2011 Judy

Early Christmas at Tup and Robs. 24Dec2011 Judy

Still going with Matt's help. North Shore Gym. 20Dec2011 Judy

Starting to go up - only so I can pull down. North Shore Gym. 20Dec2011

At full stretch and it's a long way down. North Shore Gym. 20Dec2011 Judy

Celebrating a huge 1st with Bob B (& Tup). 688 consecutive crutch steps around the tennis court. Drummoyne. J Bradshaw Dec2011

In front of the radio mikes - do you think they'll be able to hear me? Nov2011 Judy

With Claire & Andrew for my radio & TV interview - Andrew test driving a wheelchair for a week. Nov2011

Alex who organised the radio & TV interview; Rowan on camera; for life in a wheelchair. Nov2011

A close up of why I'm contemplating surgery - see 22nd Nov blog for much more detail. Nov2011

Testing out cars for size, manoeuvrability etc. Nov2011

A miniture forklift - not quite the usual platform. At Judith Johnson's exhibition - Harbour Light with a touch of Puffin. Nov2011

Sarah & I at Judith Johnson's exhibition with some of her amazing puffin artworks. Nov2011

Sarah, Peter, me and Grandma Cle at Judith Johnson's exhibition. The Masterchef Puffin is looking on. Nov2011

Guests at Judith's exhibition - Barrie, mum, Cas, Michael, Sarah, Tup, Robert, Claire, me, Lloyd. Nov2011

Engagement happiness at home. 19Oct2011

With the boys at Stuart Haigh's wedding. 8Oct2011

Sarah said YES - our engagement in the Barossa Valley, Sth Aust. 2Oct2011

SO SO HAPPY. Our engagement. Barossa Valley, Sth Aust. 2Oct2011

Angie helping me into the car for a bit of wine tasting Barossa Valley, Sth Aust. Oct2011

Sarah & I sampling a few wines after our engagement. Barossa Valley, Sth Aust. Oct2011

We're still engaged!!!! Barossa Valley, Sth Aust. Oct2011

Not the best swing but me in the standing frame with the Lobster ball machine firing away. Hunters Hill Sept2011

With Adrian practising standing with crutches from my wheelchair. 17Sep2011

With Adrian getting arms and crutches into position to stand up. 17Sep2011

All concentration getting everything in position to try and stand from my wheelchair. 17Sept2011

I don't like pain. John about to start work on my teeth. 30Aug2011. Judy Smith

Pull - workout at Dug's 16Aug2011. Judy Smith

... and my new inspiration is - well it's not Matt standing behind me. At Dug's gym 16Aug2011. Judy Smith

Here we go again - same machine - different muscles. 16Aug2011 Judy Smith

It's getting tough. Dug's gym 16Aug2011. Judy Smith

The never ending reps. 16Aug2011 Judy Smith

I was forced to smile. Work with Dugs 16Aug2011. Judy Smith

My first drive in a very very long time. Grounds of Ryde Rehab. Aug 2011

On the standing frame but sometimes I just really need to stretch my back. 27Jul2011

At home. Grandma Cle on the standing frame stretching those calf muscles. 27Jul2011

Stretching for a volley. Hawcrofts, Hunters Hill 18Jul2011

It's been a tough day. On the couch at home. 17Jul2011

Shakespeares wedding - France July 2011

With Sarah's parents. UK July 2011

Just out for a stroll. UK July 2011

If the shoe fits - wear it. July 2011 UK

Double trouble. Really have my hands full here. July 2011 UK

Even more trouble. The McGeoghs UK July 2011

Open sesame. Drummoyne 1Jun2011

A successful attempt to push the lift door button with my crutch. 1Jun2011 Drummoyne.

Up and away - my first time walking into the lift. 1Jun2011. Drummoyne

Royal wedding celebrations for Cate & Will. Sydney 29Apr2011

The plinth that doubles as our outdoor table!!!. Broulee Easter 2011

My culinary skills on show - chocolate easter egg cake (and a little someone is very keen). Broulee Easter 2011

... and just where did you say my easter eggs were? Broulee Easter 2011

Martin giving my arms a good stretch after some crutch walking. Broulee Easter 2011

Bridge at Broulee with Tup, Mart & Cle. Mum watching on. Broulee Easter 2011

Two handed ping pong. Broulee Easter 2011

With Sarah & Martin at Rob & Holly Alexanders wedding. Apr2011

With Adrian my physio. Ready, steady ..... Apr2011

.... GO .... With Adrian on the balcony. Apr2011

A cheeky bbq with friends. Apr2011.

Lunchtime on the deck. Apr2011

On the move to Drummoyne. Apr2011

My ever present Aunties before the living room became livable. Drummoyne, Apr2011

Grandma Cle helping to unpack our first massive grocery (& grog) delivery. Apr2011

Sarah unpacking in the kitchen. Drummoyne, Apr2011

and exactly where do my clothes go??? Drummoyne, Apr2011

Negotiating wardrobe space. Apr2011

Well earned lunch break. Apr2011

Cup cake energy. Apr2011

Our first glass of champagne on the balcony. April2011

Enjoying our first meal in our new home. April2011

Mum with Linda and Bob Allen. Mum experiencing a night in my wheelchair at Lionel Richie Concert, Acer Arena. 22Mar2011

Mum and I and all that plaster. Mar2011

Peter, plaster and the Puffinmobile before it head off to its new home. Mar2011

Dad and I. Trying to stand & balance in my plaster. Mar2011

Making a cake slice. Mar2011

Ready to pop in the oven after almost an hours prep time. Mar2011

Story time. Sydney Mar2011

Chicken parmagiana with fresh spinach leaves. Amazing. Mar2011

Peeling potatoes. Not quite as easy as it used to be. Mar2011

Mild lamb curry with honey bread to finish. Mar2011

Um, not that easy to water proof plaster. Mar2011

Beef stir fry. How good. Mar2011

Happy diners enjoying the produce - Lloyd & Dad. Hunters Hill. Mar2011

With Tup & Rachel on the court. Feb2011

All concentration using my left arm. John Wismeier Feb2011

Coach and umpire on the sidelines. Hunters Hill Feb2011

James and that pesky tennis ball. John Wismeier Feb2011

Robert, Rachel, Tup, Julienne, John all ready to help with my crutch walking. Hunters Hill.

Crutch walking with Rachel, John W & Robert. Hunters Hill, Feb2011

Angie giving me a few cooking tips for the independence drive. 30Jan2011

Tricky business. 30Jan2011

All this preparation makes you hungry. 30Jan2011

Nearly there. Yum. 30Jan2011

A plaster a day keeps the doctor away!! I wish. 25Jan2011

How we are trying to stop the spasms. 24Jan2011

A close up of the new can opening technique. Hunters Hill. 22Jan2011

An alternative way to open a can. Hunters Hill. 22Jan2011

Fishing at Broulee with Sarah & Mum. 31Dec2010.

Swimming with the family at Broulee. Pen, me, mum and dad. 24Dec2010

Ampidextrous!!!! Bats strapped in each hand and I'm away. Ping pong at Broulee. 24Dec2010

About to practise crutch walking. Broulee. 24Dec2010

The newest member of the family with me, & his super proud dad, Tristan. Jan2011

Not sure who is prouder - Sarah or I. Sarah landing her first fish from the beach. Broulee Jan2011.

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